Women’s Cycling Graphic Design

Women's cycling graphic design

The project is about women’s cycling apparel graphic design. The spirit of the collection is calm and optimistic. The design reflects the need to feel safe and vital. I combined the classic gingham with an hexagonal repetition pattern to obtain a simple and lively geometric pattern. In the first phase I generated the vector graphics. On a second step I created a photorealistic mock up to present the concept.

Off-Road Rain Jacket

As an internal resource at Acerbis Style dpt, I teamed up with the Product Manager dpt and external suppliers to design and develop this Enduro Waterpoof Jacket. The garment comes with a built-in engineered pocket that allows the user to pack the jacket and to hook it on different supports, such as enduro waistbag, bars, or backpacks.
It was a pleasure to refine technical construction details with the sample room.

Official Acerbis catalogue

Fashion Design | FoscaMilano

The one with FoscaMilano, by Fosca Campagnoli, is a very long-standing collaboration.
Over time I have made several carry-over items that are well suited to the needs of artisan production that characterizes this brand. From the stylistic point of view I wanted to give a classic and timeless imprint; the materials chosen are the traditional ones. Male wool, Como silk and printed cotton express the cultural heritage and the stratification of personal and collective Italian stories.
The spirit of the brand expresses itself thorough Home Decor projects and Fashion collections. Both are developed along an artisan process, with the production of unique pieces.
I deal with and have dealt with stylistic research, concept definition, patternmaking, sampling, product development, and production of unique piece collections. The production stage includes the use of flat bed sewing machine and overlock as well as the professional tailoring techniques.

FoscaMilano Official

Graphic MX Placement & Grading | Acerbis

A roundup of Enduro and MX graphics that I placed and graded on flat paper model. The same workflow is possible for any kind of garment printed in digital and for any kind of graphic design and pattern. Usually I manage the render, placing it on the sample size, and than I proceed on grading all the size-set in Adobe Illustrator.
The most challanging part is to transpose the 3D-Design-idea of the render, to a 2D-pattern in the most truthful way. Those operations require a good graphic taste and aesthetic balance, mixed with patternmaking skills.

X-EXPLORE Backpack Design

Proposals for a Tech Backpack, with a Textile Design study.
As an internal resource at Acerbis Style dpt I have developed this technical backpack, matching outdoor equipement soultions with urban-commuting style.
The cooperation across internal departments and the external supplier was very good. We could find the best way to solve structural issues, selecting external fabrics, interlining and solid reinforcements.
Technical drawings and 2D sketches went usefull for the design proposal and helped to speed up the proccess. I went passionate about production technologies such as the processing of the thermo-molding foam.

MTB Apparel Collection | Acerbis

I worked on the first Acerbis MTB apparel collection. The brief demanded to preserve the Acerbis identity and to bring its Enduro heritage into the Creative porposal.
I investigated the MTB, Downhill, Dirt-Bike -and so on- world. And I really dug into this universe! I wanted to understand bike-users needs and feelings, the design trands, and competitors materials and trims choices.
I worked on 2D CAD drawings. The boards are preset for scaled and proportioned skethces. This is useful both for present the proposal to the decision-makers and for fill up the tech-pack and spec-sheet.
Besides, I cooperated with the the internal product developement dpt and the external suppliers to refine the design. Thanks to my skills in garment construction and patternmaking, I could work with the team to figure-out and solve fitting defects. Without affecting the design.

Official Acerbis catalogue